best drywall screws

Best Drywall Screws

Best Drywall Screws UK

Drywall screws are the best way to fix your plasterboard to traditional systems. In this article, we are going to look at the best Drywall Screws that you can buy currently. These are the screws that scored highest in our different range of tests.

If you are in need of fixings and don’t have time to wait for long deliveries from suppliers, all of these screws come with next day delivery. Don’t let suppliers ruin your schedule!

If you are tired of paying over the odds prices at places like Toolstation and ScrewFix, we have you covered.

Save money and earn more with these Drywall Screws:

Best Overall: SEQUAL 200 Pack Firmfix Fine Thread Drywall Screws CE Marked Phillips Bugle Head.

drywall screws for drylining

The screws that we found performed the best overall were the Firmfix Fine Threads. These screws are made of high-end carbon steel. This means that they stay as sharp as the day they were made up until the point you use them.

Utilizing carbon steel means that these screws have an HV of 750 making them highly resistant to shearing. They are also extremely rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant and can handle humid environments.

They come in a range of different sizes from 3.5x25mm up to 4.2x75mm.

They have a really nice bite during use which makes them the perfect screw for long jobs.

Best Self Drilling Metal Screws: Hiltand Self Drilling 25 mm Tapping Screws

self drilling drywall drylining screws

For fixing to metal stud work or ceilings, you will need a good self-drilling screw.

Hiltands offer the best product here, these screws are made of stainless steel and are exceptionally sharp. This makes drilling into purlins or other thick steel less of an arm workout.

The product comes in a range of sizes, from 19mm to 50mm, ensuring every avenue is covered.

Best Cheap Option: CONNEX B30071 Dry Wall Screws 3,5×35

best cheap drywall screws

If you need a cheap fix, Connex have you covered with this bucket of screws.

These are perfect for commercial jobs and single plasterboard layered solutions.

They have a black phosphate cover and take a Phillips head type. You get 500 pieces in the bucket too which should be more than enough for a small job.

If you work on-site and need a stronger fixing, look at our next option.

Best Tek Screws / Best Wafer Heads: Forgefix DWSWH13 Wafer Head Drywall Screw – Zinc Plated

best wafers best tek screws

If you need some wafer heads for your job, these Forgefix 13mm screws are perfect and cost a fraction of BG screws.

They come with an insert and have laser-cut tips which make them sharper than most of the competitors. They use a Phillips head type.

These are amazing for suspended ceilings too as their sharpness reduces dreaded hot-rocks.

Best Collated Screws: Timco Collated Self Drilling Drywall Screws (Zinc) – Size: 3.5 x 45/50mm

collated screws and belt

If you are using collated screw guns, the best screws in our opinion are the one from Timco.

These screws seem to work the best in all of the different brands of collated screw gun.

They have zinc plating and a 650HV rate and they bite well. This makes boarding effortlessly easy.

If you are on the market for a new collated screwgun, why not check out our roundup: Best Drywall Screw Gun.

Or buy yourself a new collated head for your existing gun, we really like the Dewalt Collated Attachment.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best drywall screws?

In our opinion, the best drywall screws overall are the SEQUAL 200 Pack Firmfix Fine Thread Drywall Screws.

What kind of screws do you use for drywall?

You can either use fine thread, for into timber or self-drilling for screwing into metal.

What size drywall screws should I use?

This will depend on the thickness of the plasterboard. Make sure you have a good amount of clearance in order to provide a neat and secure fixing.

Can you put too many screws in drywall?

In terms of structure, no. In terms of neatness, yes. The perfect distance is 1 screw per every 30cm.

What is the best drywall sander?

We cover the best drywall sanders in our other article found here:

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