Best Plaster Bags For Plastering

Best Plaster Bags for Plastering UK

When it comes to plaster, there is a range of different products on the market right now. From Multi-Finish to Undercoat Plaster, from Thistle to Gypsum this article is going to discuss the best plaster bags that you can currently buy in the UK.

best plaster bag

#1 Massa De Acabamento Finishing Plaster

Our first recommendation is a brand that is a little less known about in the UK but after using the product on our test wall, we can’t recommend it highly enough.

Massa De Acabamento Finishing Plaster is a white gypsum finish plaster. It is perfect for applying to a gypsum bases plaster as a very fine layer and looks incredible when set.

It is also great for rehabilitating damaged walls and repairing different fissures.

The quality is really high here and we have no doubts that this product is going to skyrocket in popularity once it becomes better known.

british gypsum

#2 – Finish Plaster – British Gypsum Thistle Multi-Finish

The second bag of plaster that we are going to review, comes from the legends that are British Gypsum.

Thistle Multi-Finish is a widely used skim finish plaster. Usually, it is applied directly to the plasterboard but it is sometimes used in a two-coat plaster system.

You get a range of benefits to using British Gypsum Thistle Multi-Finish plaster. Firstly, if you are already using British Gypsum plasterboards, you get a product that is designed with the boards you are using in mind.

Secondly, you get an increase in sound-proofing by applying Thistle. This can be up to 2DB.

bonding coat

#3 British Gypsum Thistle Bonding Coat

When you need an undercoat plaster that isn’t going to let you down, there isn’t much better on the market than Thistle Bonding Coat by British Gypsum.

This product is perfect for low suction backgrounds and is easy to spread and even easier to rule. When you need an undercoat plaster that works, this is your best bet.

 polycell repair

#4 Polycell Plaster Repair

Next, we have our favourite ready mixed plaster repair. This tub comes ready to go and is a whole lot easier to smooth out compared to regular plaster.

It is already mixed too and will allow you to smooth out your finishes and repair damage with ease.

With its light consistency, it shouldn’t crack or shrink after application and has a rock hard adhesion.

If you need to make some work good or you need to repair some unwanted damage, this is the best product available for a plasterer.

dryzone repair

#5 Dryzone Hi-Lime Renovation Plaster

This breathable blend of plaster and lime is perfect for replastering on renovation projects. It is a heritage alternative to the usual traditional hard cement renders.

It is immensely popular due to the fact that the porous structure of the lime plaster allows it to dry really quickly, even in damp renovation buildings.

It also:

  • Controls the level of damp and salt.
  • Has innovative insulating properties.
  • IS perfect for those that want a decorative finish.




What is the Best Plaster for Skimming?

In our opinion, either Massa De Acabamento Plaster or British Gypsum Thistle Multi-Finish is the best player bags on the market for skimming right now.

What Plaster do Plasterers use?

Most plasterers will use British Gypsum Thistle Multi-Finish, its a massively popular product and is used on building sites and in house bashing work around the country.

What’s the Best Plaster to use?

This will depend on your individual needs.

For renovation, you should look at Dryzone Hi-Lime Renovation Plaster.

For repair work, you should consider buying Polycell Plaster Repair.

For undercoating, you should buy British Gypsum Thistle Bonding Coat.

How much does a 25kg Bag of Plaster Cover?

If applied at the correct thickness in the correct manner, one 25KG bag of plaster should be able to cover 5 square meters of wall or ceiling.

What is the Best Plaster Mixer for Mixing Plaster?

Best plaster mixer

When we reviewed the best plastering mixers on the market, we decided that the best possible choice for plastering is a DeWalt Volt Plastering Mixer.

Capable of running at 54 V and utilizing the newest XR technology, this mixer can massively increase your speed and earning potential.

When you need the maximum amount of coverage, you need your materials mixed smooth as fast as possible before application. That is where the Volt comes in.

The results are a smoother finish, quicker mixing times, and surfaces that have more time to dry with an application that is impossible to beat.

What is the Best Drywall Sander for Sanding Down

When it comes to sanding down your work, you need to use the best tool on the market in order to get the right surface finish on every wall and coat. Plastering is a trade that requires a range of different plasters and coats.

Whether you are sanding down plasterboard jointing or anything else, we highly recommend getting the Menzer Pro.

This tool has 230 v power and provides stunning results when used after plastering or after an undercoat to a plasterboard system.

Buyers Guide

When you are looking through the hundreds of plasters on the market, here is what you should consider.

What walls and ceilings might I be working on?

Depending on the walls in your project, you might have to alter the thickness of the material. The materials used might also change the needs in terms of the time it takes to dry. If you need are working with suction backgrounds, this will also change it up.

The material you use should have a guide that tells you how to get the best results on your project.

Plastering and bonding products will also have specifications that might influence your decision.


Hopefully, by choosing one of the products on this list, your plastering jobs will become a lot easier. From interior backgrounds and surfaces to every outdoor project you could imagine, choosing the right plasters is important.

We try and do the research so you dont have too, good luck!

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