best plasterboard tools 2020 june uk

Best Plasterboard Tools June 2020 UK – Incredible Tools To Make You Money

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Best Plasterboard Tools


Plastering and plasterboard tools have come a long way in recent years. As most plasterers work on price work of a job rate, it is very important to have the best tools available. The old adage comes tome mind ‘Buy cheap, buy twice’ and it has always been true. Cheap tools will always cost you time and money when working on a price, whether it be through them breaking often or simply not holding up to the task at hand. In this article, we will explore the best tools available on the market at the moment.

What is Plastering?

Plastering is the process of coating plasterboard on a wall or ceiling in plaster to create a smooth finish before decoration. It also safeguards the wall against water damage and other environmental agencies. It is important for the plasterer to have the correct mix of plaster and water to ensure that it sticks to the wall in the desired way. After allowing the plaster to dry, it must then be smoothed down and sponged to get that glass-like finish all decorator’s love.

What tools do I need for plastering/plasterboard?

What is an electric plaster mixer?

An electric plaster mixer is a modern equivalent to the old padel mixers. Using one of these great tools will speed up the mixing of your plaster massively. They will reduce the fatigue felt by the plasterer allowing you to get more work done in the day and take more money home at the end of the week.

What is the best plaster mixer? – DeWalt Volt Paddle Mixer

best plaster mixer

The Dewalt DCD240N-Xj XR flex volt paddle mixer is undoubtedly one of the best mixers on the market today. It boasts the XR FLEXVOLT cordless technology and delivers power equivalent to that of a 2000w mains input corded mixer. It has a variable speed dial, so your mixer can handle a wide range of materials without you breaking a sweat. With the ergonomic dual handles, you will have full control over your mixer, and it feels comfortable to use.


All metal transmission for a heavy-duty cycle

A safety lock-off switch to avoid accidental starts when on its side or when you insert the battery.

M14 threaded connector so you can attach most paddles.


Does not come with batteries.

What is an Impact Driver?

An impact driver is a high torque power tool, usually used for driving screws or tightening nuts. They are typically much smaller and compact than other drills and are not quite as versatile. Due to the torque out put being higher, they tend to get through work much quicker than other drills.

What is the Best Impact Driver for a Plasterer? Makita 18v Impact Driver

Best impact driver for dry lining

The DTD171 Makita 18v cordless impact driver is by far the best on the market at the moment. This model boasts far more torque than its predecessors and has a strong brushless motor and a very bright LED light included. As if that was not enough, they have overhauled the bearings and upgraded from the needle system to ball bearings to help stop the drill wobbling.

  • Assistance Mode – This mode slows down the initial drill speed to make locating your screw much easier when screwing into wood and other tough materials, once the drill reached its top speed, it will stay there until you release the trigger.
  • Bolting mode – This mode stops you from over spinning or rounding off your screws or bolts. It will stop driving automatically when the screw or bolt is as tight as possible.
  • T-mode A – This mode is designed to help you drive self-drilling screws into metal. It uses the increased speed and torque to help the screws bite into the steel before slowing down to give you more control.
  • T-Mode B – This mode is very similar to T-Mode A in that it is for screwing into a steal. This one is designed for thicker plates.


  • Very reasonable priced
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Lots of different modes


  • Not ideal for thick gauge metalwork

What is a drywall sander?

A drywall sander is an essential tool for any plasterer. It is one of the finishing tools used to guarantee a smooth finish at the end of your work. Whether it is electric or not, in essence, they are the same. They are housings for sandpaper so you can hold it in your hand much easier.

What is the best drywall sander for a plasterer? – Evolution Power Tools Telescopic Dry Wall Sander with LED

Best drywall sander uk


The best drywall sander is the Evolution Power Telescopic drywall sander. It is powered by 230v mains electric, so you do not have to worry about it not holding its charge. An LEd light is fitted to the handle so you can inspect your work as you go. The device also sports a soft grip to give the user a more comfortable feel in the hand and allows you to make the most of the well-balanced tool. This allows you full control while you work.


  • Easy and well-written manual
  • Circular sanding system
  • Vacuum hose attachment


  • Rather heavy

What is a Screwgun?

A screwgun is a type of drill specifically designed for driving screws at speed. Instead of a chuck, it has a neck that allows the use of several attachments, all designed to speed the user up.

What is the best Screwgun for a plasterer? – The DEWALT 18 V XR Brushless Collated Drywall Screwdriver

top pick best dry wall screwgun

The DEWALT 18 V XR Brushless Collated Drywall Screwdriver, 2 x 2 Ah is by far the best screwgun on the market at the moment. The collated bit alone will speed your work up massively, coupled with the powerful brushless motor, and your earning potential will increase significantly. With the new DeWalt fast chargers, You can fully charge your new gun rapidly so you will never miss a second of work.

This is also the lightest screwgun on the market. Anyone with experience in a commercial site will know how many times a day you have to heft your gun every day. With the new lightweight model, your fatigue will be reduced by a very large margin,


  • Long-lasting charge with the new XR batteries
  • No wires
  • Strong brushless motor


  • Can struggle with corners

What is a plastering trowel, what are the different types?

A plastering trowel is an integral part of any plasterer’s tool bag. It is a simple tool used to scoop and spread plaster. It consists of a handle and a flat metal plate.

What are the best plastering trowels to buy (Pointing, Window, Corner, Finishing)?

What is the best Corner Trowel? – Marshalltown M/T23D

best corner trowel

Out of all the corner trowels on the market, the Marshalltown M/T23D M23D Internal Dry Wall Corner Trowel Durasoft handle stands a head and shoulders above the rest. It is a lightweight internal trowel with a dura soft handle. It is made from a single piece of stainless steel with an aluminum mounting. The blade is set at 103 degrees so you can use the flexible material to get that perfect 90-degree angle and smooth your corners to a lovely finish.


  • One-piece flexible stainless steel.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Comfortable to use.


  • Not very versatile

What Is The Best Window Trowel?- Marshalltown M503D Window Trowel

When it comes to Window trowels, the Marshalltown M503D Window Trowel 1/4in Durasoft Handle, Silver|Silver Metallic, 6.5mm, is by far the best. The blade is made from a single piece of high carbon steel, and it is tapered into a point so you can get to all those hard to reach places. The raised shank and dura soft handle allow you to hold the trowel comfortably without your hand getting in the way.


  • Lightweight
  • Very Durable
  • Easy to use


  • Not very versatile

What are the Best Bucket Trowels? – HOGARD Bucket Trowel

best bucket trowel

The best trowel on the market at the moment is the HOGARD Bucket Trowel Premium Stainless Steel Soft Grip Handle Made in EU, 140 mm (5.5 inches). This trowel is made from the highest quality Italian stainless steals and boasts a durability that is lacking in most other bucket trowels. Its corrosion-resistant blade is perfect for cleaning your buckets. It will shake off any hard chemical you choose to use without a problem.


  • Perfect for hard to reach areas
  • High-quality stainless steel blade
  • Lightweight


  • Not very versatile

What is a plastering hawk?

A plastering hawk is a tool used by plasterers to hold the plaster and other materials. It is used in concert with a finishing trowel so the holder can carry a supply of plaster with him and not return to the bucket to reload plaster every time.

What is the best plastering hawk to buy? – The OX Plaster Hawk 330mm

best plastering hawk

The OX Plaster Hawk 330mm×330mm – Aluminum Plastering Hawk with Soft Grip Handle – Drywall Hawk Tool, is by far the best hawk available at the moment. The aluminum blade is very resistant and offers a large surface area to hold your plaster on. The soft handle makes it very comfortable to handle and helps protect you from blisters and calluses.


  • Precisely machined aluminum plate
  • Rounded corners to prevent catching on clothes.
  • 330mmx330mm surface area


  • Expensive compared to other hawks

What is a jointing/taping knife?

A jointing to taping knife is a wide-bladed tool used for the spreading of joint compound. It can also be used to help when putting up skrim tape.

What is the best jointing/taping knife for a plasterer?- OX PRO Series Taping Knife

The best taping knife on the market at the moment is OX PRO Series Taping Knife – Stainless Steel Drywall Filling Knife with Dura Grip Soft Handle – Flexible Plastering Spatula – Spackle Tool 12 inch/300mm. It has a flexible stainless steel blade so you can get to all those hard to reach places and produce the same finish every time. Its dura soft grip ensures that it is comfortable in the hand and will help prevent calluses and blisters.


  • Can be used for several jobs
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • More expensive than similar tools

What is a straight edge?

A straight edge is a tool with a machined straight edge. It is usually used to check how straight your work is, or to draw straight lines.

What is the best straight edge for a plasterer? – STANLEY FATMAX Pro Box Beam Level

best straight edge

The STANLEY FATMAX Pro Box Beam Level, 2000mm/80″ is, by far, the best straight edge money can buy. All sides are machined, accurate to within +/- 0.5mm on all eight edges. It comes with a spirit level built in and sports magnifying glass so you can always see where your bubble has rested. The box-beam construction ensures that it is up to 5 times stronger than other Stanley levels.


  • Bi-material handle grips
  • Accuracy: +/-0.5mm/m in all eight orientations
  • 10-year warranty


  • Too long to fit in a tool bag.

What is a Stanley Knife?

The utility knife, commonly called the Stanley knife, is a knife used for general and utility purposes. With an easily changeable blade, it is a workman’s best friend.

What is the best Stanley Knife for a plasterer? – Stanley Fatmax FMHT9-14563 Aviation Snips with Holster


The Stanley Titan Fixed-Blade Trimming Knife with Holster is the best Stanley knife to invest in at the moment. While slightly larger than most other knives, it makes up for its bulkiness with pure durability. It has a fixed blade so that your blade never slips back into the housing mid-cut. What if I cut myself? I hear you ask, and it is sold with its own holster that will slot nicely into your work belt.


  • Durable
  • Fixed blade
  • Feels good in the hand


  • Heavy

What are Tin Snips?

Tin snips can also be called shears. They are designed for the cutting of sheet steel and other tough materials. They can be split into two categories:

  • Tinners snips – which are similar to common scissors.
  • Compound action snips – these use a compound leverage handle to increase the mechanical advantage.

What are the best Tin Snips for a plasterer? – Stanley STA214563 Aviation Snip

best tin snips

The best snips I have found are Stanley STA214563 Aviation Snips – Straight 2-14-563. They are compound action snips, so they do all the work for you and prevent too much fatigue in the wrist and hands. They are fitted with a safety release catch, so they don’t spring open in your pouch.


  • Easy to use
  • Cuts up to 18 gauge steel
  • Reasonably priced


  • Mechanisms can get clogged by dust (wd40 for the win.)


Q: Where is the best place to buy tools?

A: When it comes to buying tools, Amazon will always stand head and shoulders above the rest. They are much cheaper than most outlets, and with their next day delivery service and super returns policy, I cannot think of a reason to buy in-store anymore.

Q: What is the best way to clean your plastering tools?

A: The best way to clean plastering tools is straight away. We have all seen our lazy laborers put the dirty tools straight in the van and go to take their boots off. This is the worst thing you could do. As soon as you finish work, you should finish and dry them before the plaster drys, anything left on them; you should crape off on another trowel. Rinse them under running water and rub whatever is left off with your fingers.

Conclusion –

I hope this article has helped you find the best tools to get your money in for the week. To conclude, I would like to stress the importance of buying quality tools. Buying cheap tools will result in your work rate being reduced and having to buy another tool much sooner. Now, get back to work!

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