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Best Plaster Mixer UK 2020

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Top Plaster Mixers for Dry Lining, Plastering and Tape & Joint UK 2020

Our top pick on our list is the Dewalt Volt Paddle Plaster Mixer. It comes as a bare unit,. Running at 54 V, It features DeWalt’s brand new XR FLEXVOLT cordless tech, which delivers up to 2000W of high-speed power. If you need to mix plaster fast to correct the damage from infestations of fruitflies or drainflies, it can prove crucial.

This paddle mixer device comes with a standard M14 paddle connection and an ergonomic dual handle design for comfort and proper control. It also features variable speed control, which means it suits most modern plaster cement materials.

The Dewalt Volt Paddle Mixer is the best mega mixer brand available on the market today. It comes with 160mm centre pull-down swirl paddle for consistent and quick mixing. It is the perfect Paddle Mixer for any dry-liner or plasterer and will work perfectly with any of the sanders on our Best Drywall Sander UK 2020 List.


  • It has an M14 threaded connector, which is the standard fitment.
  • The machine comes with a safety lock-off switch for lowering accidental starts whenever inserting battery or when on its side.
  • It uses an all-metal transmission that is ideal for heavy-duty usage.
  • The machine features specially designed ergonomics ans dimensions, which helps to reduce user fatigue.

This next product is a two-speed paddle mixer that works best for low and high viscosity products. It is equipped with an ergonomic handle and frame that helps to provide comfort and also prevents fatigue. The machine also has a twin geared powerful motor that works at about 1800W.

Bosch has designed this mix specifically for ergonomics. The handle is padded to dampen the motor speed that you feel through the drill on a range of different materials. This makes it the perfect paddle mixer for those who struggle with the speed of the motor on the drill on other units.

This is the most ergonomic paddle mixer on our best plaster mixer UK 2020 list.


  • Kneaders for up to 180 mm
  • Electronic speed control switch
  • Twin geared powerful motor
  • Ergonomic frame and handle


  • Slightly less capable.

With our next product, the Refina Mega Mixer, you have the ability to generate a high speed and thorough mix action that is ideal for modern building materials and plasters. The machine features a reliable 1150W motor and has an all-metal gearbox. It also comes with Refina MR3 140G paddles, which are the most efficient plaster mixer paddles on the market. It can easily handle mortar mixing and medium weight plaster mixing. It also has special switches, an improved cable system, and a newly designed handle.

You will love how comfortable and easy it is to handle the Refina machine is since it features a low-motor low-splash, soft start, and a long-life powerful gearbox. The device weighs about 4.9kg to ensure ease of application. The drill is powerful and


  • It features fast and thorough mixing action.
  • The machine is ideal for modern plaster and building materials.
  • It has a switch for safe operation.
  • The machine is equipped with a good comfortable handle.
  • It features high torque for powerful mixing.


  • The transformation between paddles takes time.

The Silverline Plaster Mixer Drill features a lock-on switch, no-load speed 0-500 rpm, and a robust single-speed option. The drill has a mixing max of about 80 litres and comes with the female M14 x 2 fitting as well as the 120 millimetres mixing paddle. This tool is suitable for mixing grout, levelling agents, cement, and paint.

The robust single-speed option will work productively and help you complete the mixing of adhesives, cement, and plaster in no time. Also, the device has a powerful motor and features a soft-start to prevent splashing after use. The lock-on switch enables users to use the machine for a long time and, at the same time, offers a comfortable grip on the rubber handle to prevent hand fatigue during use.


  • It comes with a 120mm mixing paddle for efficiency.
  • The tool has a good mixing capacity of about 80 litres to ensure maximum production.
  • It has a lock-on switch that helps to prevent hand fatigue.
  • The tool features variable speed control and an 850W robust motor for best performance.


  • Shorter lifetime.

This tool is an anti-slip handheld electric mixer drill that features a 6-speed option. It works reasonably well when it comes to stirring cement, paint, mortar, and plaster. The device has a six-speed option that allows users to alter the rotation of the mixing paddles to suit their needs.

The tool has a press switch lock that allows users to relax their fingers when working. They can press the switch to restart the device automatically. Also, its handles feature an ergonomic design that enables users to attain a comfortable and secure grip. A nice plus is that the machine comes with extra-free carbon brushes, and it is easy to assemble. It comes with all the necessary accessories, which makes the procedure for setting up to be simple.


  • Power mixer designed for efficiency.
  • This tool is suitable for use with plaster, mortar, paint, and cement.
  • It features a high mixing power for quick performance.
  • The six variable speed options allow users to rotate the mixing paddles to suit their expectations.
  • The ergonomics are good and comfortable to use.



  • The device cannot work without the whisk end. 

Our best value pick, is the VonHause Plaster Paddle Mixer, a great mixer that is equipped with gear options. It features a two-stage safety switch that is ideal to use for mixing adhesive, glue, mortar, paint, and plaster. If you would like to complete any DIY project successfully and within a small period, the VonHaus Paddle Mixer is one of the best plaster mixer options you have. The device also has a multipurpose paddle and 1600w motor, which is reliable. 

Generally speaking, the device is suitable for stirring mid-viscosity liquids such as cement, mortar, plaster, paint, and glue until it renders the mixture ready for use in DIY projects. We all understand how strenuous and time consuming it can become to mix such products manually.

The mixer can help you to reduce the hard labour and keep your project ontrack. 

Also, the two-gear motor offers flexibility to choose between 0-990 rpm and 0-680 rpm to finish a mix quickly and easily.

The device features an ergonomic handle that offer comfort and provides a firm grip to ensure that the users have sturdy control over the machine when during use. The two-stage starting mechanism also helps to prevent you from turning on the mixer accidentally when not in use. 


  • The 1600W handle machine offers powerful mixing for paint, cement, plaster, and more. 
  • It features a two-geared system that enables users to alter the mixing paddles rotation speed so that it suits their needs. 
  • The device will ensure safe operation since it has the two-stage start option. 
  • It has handles that feature good ergonomic designs to offers a comfortable and firm
  • grip. 
  • The device is shipped with all the necessary accessories and hardware. Thus, it is easy to
  • assemble and set up. 



  • Handles are slightly thick.

Buyers Guide

How Do I Choose the Best Plaster Mixer?

The appropriate tool to purchase will depend on the type of project you would like to complete. In other words, you will choose tools depending on whether you would like to work on a dense mortar or light paint. Nevertheless, there are vital factors that you must consider all the time. They include:

  • Power: The first vital consideration you need to think about is the thickness of the material. Thicker material is often harder to mix. Thus, it will demand more power and effort. For example, varnish and paint would require less torque to mix up. The torque of the tool determines its strength. Devices with a higher torque feature more power. Plaster mixers range from small DIY mixers (800 watts) to industrial application mixers (8,000 watts) in terms of power. A 1300 watts plaster mixer is versatile enough to perform most professional and DIY jobs.
  • Rotational Speed: The rotations per minute (rpm) relates to the power of the plaster mixer. Various brands of mixers can attain a different rpm, but a speed of 500 rpm is ideal for most tasks. Plaster miser brands that feature more than 700 rpm are suitable for demanding projects. Some other brands use electricity, which produces more rpm. Hence, the electricity-powered plaster mixers allow users to select or set the rpm according to their requirements. For example, they can set a higher rpm for mixing thick materials such as plaster and mortar.
  • Mixing Capacity: Most manufacturers provide details about the maximum mixing capacity of the plaster mixers. The maximum mixing capacity indicates the amount of material that you can mix at the same time without causing accidents or overheating the motor. An average of 30kg capacity can serve well for home-based tasks.
  • Spindle: The best plaster mixers come in two variations, the dual-spindle and the single spindle. The dual-spindle mixers are best for turning in various directions to promote efficiency and speed. On the other hand, single spindles are the most popular and can complete tasks equally efficiently. However, you should pay attention to the maximum mixing capacity of the spindle as well as its maximum diameter. Most plaster mixers feature sturdy spindles. Therefore, you can trust most mixers to perform your task well.
  • Paddles and Blades: the manufacturers fix the blade or paddle at the end of the spindle. Plaster blades are more efficient at working on thicker materials than the paddles. Nevertheless, both the paddles and blades can rotate in an anti-clockwise and clockwise direction. Thus, they can mix the plaster from the bottom upwards.
  • Mixer Ergonomics: Tools that feature ergonomic designs offer top comfort levels. The plaster mixer you intend to buy should feature ergonomic designs. These designs involve the weight of the device. The best weight for plaster mixers is about three kilograms to eight kilograms. If your project requires a heavy application, make sure that you choose the lightweight unit. Also, there are tools with single and double handles. Although the option varies from one user to the other, you should select a mixer with double-handles because they enhance precise mixings and also provide more stability.
  • Durability and Protection: The plastering mixer you would like to purchase should endure stress and speed and serve you for an extended period. The paddle should feature rust-resistant material. Steel can be an ideal option, although aluminium is malleable and lightweight. However, the aluminium paddles would fail if you use them for heavy-duty.

FAQ & Guide

What is the Best Paddle Mixer?

In our opinion, after looking at hundreds of reviews, and after testing the devices ourselves, the DeWalt is the single best overall paddle mixer on the market.

What is the Best Mixing Drill?

Again, we really like the DeWalt as the best mixing drill on the market.

Can I use a Normal Drill to Mix Plaster?

While you may be able to do so, it is a slow process and will eventually burn out your drill.

How Do I Operate the Plaster Mixer? 

Step One: Choosing the Mixing Paddles

Choosing suitable mixing paddles will be number one on the list and will rely on the material you would like to mix. The material could be substantial, medium, or low viscosity. The material you intend to mix up should have a specific way of mixing up. There are two types of fitting you should consider after you have determined the paddles you will use. They include:

  • M14 Thread – It is most suitable for hand-held power devices.
  • Hexagonal Shank – This option features several mixing paddles and allows users to use the electric drills as the mixer.

Step Two: Connect it To the Power.

Soon after you determine the mixing paddle, you would like to use, and the fitting it contains, connects the machine to either your electric drill or hand-held mixer.

Step Three: Prepare Mixture

Once you connect the paddle safely, pour the material into a different container or clean tub, ready to mix up.

Step Four: Using the Paddle to Mix

Soon after you add the material into the tub or container, place the head of the paddle into the mixer and mix it until you attain the consistency and smoothness you want. Hold the handles in a grip that isn’t too firm and start the motor. The mix should begin to swirl in an easy to control manner. If not, remove the whisk from the mix and start again.

  1. What Are The Advantages Of Using Plaster Mixers?

The plaster mixers can be the ideal equipment for mixing ingredients such as fibrous materials, paints, jointing compounds, and plasters. Some heavy-duty plaster mixers can mix concrete. One other advantage is that they feature a Hex shaft, which is suitable for attaching the equipment to a heavy-duty drill or a thread. This method, in turn, helps to boost performance and speed as it allows users to apply heavy-duty motors. The plaster mixers also feature steel and powder-coated finish, which renders them extra-durable. The advantages of using the plaster mixers include:

  • Attachable to power mixing tools
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Steel components
  • Durable mixing equipment
  • Rapid mixing of materials


Hopefully, after reading this article you are a bit more informed on the best plastering mixer for DIY and site work. All of these models are available on Amazon, which is our go-to destination for tools thanks to the quick delivery times and the great customer service.

Buying a quality mixer is decision that most plasterers will need to make.

If you are still undecided, and can’t decide between the models on this list, we highly recommend going for the DeWalt. It is a good, high-quality paddle mixer that should be more than enough for your needs. After reading numerous reviews and using the device ourselves, we couldn’t recommend a better plaster mixer.

The Refina Megamixer is also an extremely capable machine that sits at the top of the list. Deciding which of the different models you might choose will depend on your individual need. Each and every one of the models on this list is an excellent product and should be more than enough to get the job done. Refina have been making amazing products for years so you know you will get that Refina brand quality.

If you need an ergonomic option, look to the Bosch mixer, which is a product designed with ergonomics in mind, and has excellent reviews.

We make these reviews, so you don’t have to. We also provide buyers guide so you can see exactly what we look at ourselves when writing these reviews. Hopefully, this will make buying a quality mixer a little bit easier.

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