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Best Drywall Sander UK 2021

Best Drywall Sander UK 2021- Earn More, Work Faster, Be a Perfectionist!

A good drywall sander allows you to smooth compounds through high powered abrasion. With a drywall sander, the tool takes the applied sandpaper and rapidly moves it back and forth. This creates friction and smooths down whatever you are sanding. When undertaking drywall work like tape and jointing, this allows for a much quicker finish than traditional un-powered hand sanders.

In this post, we will focus on the top 5 drywall sanders UK in 2021 currently, these are great for sanding drywall damaged by gnat infestations and other pests.

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Best Budget Drywall Sander - VonHaus Drywall Sander

Best Overall Drywall Sander- Evolution Power Telescopic Drywall Sander

Best drywall sander uk

This telescopic drywall sander is powered by 230 V main electricity and comes equipped with an LED torch. It has a powerful 710 W motor that features variable speeds ranging up to 1500 rpm. The device also comes with soft grips that allow users to take advantage of the well-designed weight balance, giving effective control.

You can trust this drywall sander to perform most of your tasks at any distance since it comes with a telescopic design that extends to around 1.97 meters in length. All in all, it measures 23 cm (H) X 25 cm (W) X 197 cm (L) and comes with a 0 to 90-degree pivoting head.

The 710 W motor will serve you perfectly for removing old drywall finishes and sanding joints on finished ceilings and walls. It also enables users to sand with variable speed options ranging up to 1500 rpm. The main selling point of an electric sander is the speed increase that users gain over traditional methods. 

Evolution state that this particular drywall device can tackle tasks ten times faster than the regular sanders. The 0 to 90 degrees pivoting head gives users great control, which allows them to follow the contours of the surface they work on and in any direction.

One reason why traditional sanding is a problem for many workers is the strain that it places on your body. One of the reasons that this tool is one of the top 5 drywall sanders in the UK in 2020 is that it features an ergonomic soft grip. It also has an innovative bail handle, giving it perfect weight balance and effective control.

Finally, this model comes with LED lighting so that users can clearly see the quality of the finish that is left behind. To top it off, evolution has thrown in several accessories to sweeten the deal, such as the mountable discs that feature an array of grades to give you the choice in terms of drywall quality and finish. The manufacturer also supplies you with a four-meter hose attachment for the end of the pole. This makes it suitable for most vacuum systems, perfect for those stricter sites.


  • Easy well-written instruction manual
  • The device features carbon brushes
  • Comes with the necessary Allen keys (S5 and S6)
  • Circular sanding system
  • Vacuum hose attachment
  • The drywall sander features flexible dust extraction


  • Rather Heavy

Best All-In-One Option – Tacklife Automatic Vacuum Drywall Sander

Best All-In-One Drywall Sander

This drywall sander offers an extremely high level of efficiency and cleanliness and features a long handle for hard to reach tasks. The best thing about this product is the dust extraction system it comes equipped with, It comes with a dust absorption bag that doesn’t require electricity in order to reduce dust by 95%! The head has a speed rating of between 500 to 1800 too, making it a capable tool.

Tacklife has thrown in a multitude of free extras with the sander too, it comes with 12pcs sanding discs, a dust extraction bag, carbon brushes and a carrying bag for transportation. At the price, these are really nice extras.

You also get reliable LED lighting. You can keep your drywall work neat and tidy paired with the automatic vacuum system that gives you up to 95% dust absorption.

The two stand-out features of this sander are the dust extraction systems and the addition of some nice extra accessories that are thrown in. At this price range, there isn’t much on the market that offers this. In the kit you get

1x carrying bag, 1x 1.3M dust extraction hose, 2x gasket, 1x hex wrench, 1x screwdriver, 1x dust collection bag, 2 x carbon brush, and 12pcs sanding discs, All of this makes this sander a great product for those who want an all in one solution.

There are other impressive features on this model too it comes with an excellent easy to clean design. The device has an innovative removable steel ball plate system. Removing this for cleaning is quick and simple, reducing down-time. This steel ball system makes it really effective at sanding drywall at a perpendicular angle right up to the edge of your area.

This particular device comes with a powerful motor of rated at around800w. This allows it to offer dynamic and efficient power, perfect for any sanding project. It is ideal for loose plaster, adhesives, paint coating, clearing floor residue, exterior walls, interior walls, ceilings, and finishing drywall jointing.

One final useful feature on this device is the variable speed and angle adjustment, reaching those difficult spots is a breeze. The sander features six variable speed options, from 500 to 1800 rpm giving you a great level of control.

The manufacturers of this sander, Tacklife, are known for creating innovative tools that help their customers to work in a more secure and convenient way. The company are experts at what they do, they monitor their products and focus on every detail that matters to their customers listening to user feedback. This means that their product line are exquisitely designed. Focusing on portability, and strong design features.

This focus on portability and design is what makes this sander one of our top picks. Its main selling point being the strong vacuum ability, allowing for a dust-free work environment, which is extremely important in today’s health and safety orientated world.

You can use the device without a dedicated vacuum system since it sucks dust automatically into the dust collection bag. Build-wise, the machine features strong, low-weight, durable plastic, and hard aluminium that makes it extremely durable. Its sanding paper attaches through loop fasteners and a sharp hook. The internal mechanisms allow for reduced drag, making every task easier. It does this through a small steel ball at the bottom of the plate. This stops surface friction and allows for a smooth rolling application.

It also comes with a removable edge design that will allow you to access even the hard-to-access corners. Paired with the 90-degree swinging head and telescopic handle with 1.9m reach, there is no task to difficult for this amazing all in one sander. It is easy to recommend this product as one of the top 5 drywall sanders in the UK.


  • Long handle for comfortable use.
  • LED lighting for low light scenarios
  • It comes with several accessories
  • A more powerful motor for top performance
  • Variable speed and adjustable an angle for flexibility


  • The device is complicated in terms of assembling

Best Budget Drywall Sander – VonHaus Drywall Sander

Best Budget Drywall Sander

Our next offering comes from the tool giants VonHaus. This product is a 180 mm pad drywall sander that offers variable speed and perfect sanding action. It comes with excellent dust extraction and bright LED lights for convenience and quality control. The device enables you to attain a perfectly smooth finish no matter what type of surface you could be working on. It is best suited, however, to give you the best quality finish when it comes to plasterboard ceilings and walls.

This drywall device is handheld and features a reliable duct collection bag that will help to minimize the extent of the dust mess. The VonHaus Drywall sander comes with a range of variable speed options. As a result, it gives you the ability to take total control over your sanding tasks. This is possible thanks to its 180mm full sanding disc and motor, capable of changing speed rotation from around 1300 to 2500 RPM.

Users also have the choice of turning on the high powered LED lighting system, giving you a clear view of what you are doing and allowing work in low light areas.

One other useful feature of this product is that it features a removable guard. Users can remove part of the guard to access the hard-to-reach internals. This makes it really easy to clean. The tool also has a flexible dust extraction pipe that stretches to around 2m length to allow greater freedom of movement. It also features a 4m power cord for added convenience. 


  • Work light
  • Inexpensive
  • Good usability features


  • Lacks build quality of other models.

Best Professional Drywall Sander – MENZER Drywall Sander

Best professional drywall sander 2020

This drywall sander is more suited to those who use their sander for long periods of time and for commercial use. Being one of the best sanders on the market, it comes with a professional vacuum system, dust collector and dust bag for minimal air pollution and dust, making it perfect for industrial applications. The sander itself runs off 230V power and has exceptional ability and a consistent power band.

Menzer knows how to make quality well-built products. You can trust the machine to last you for as long as you look after it, some users claim that even after 5 years of use their Menzer is still going strong. This is thanks to smart electronic components and a powerful durable motor. This durable motor offers a strong, direct drive to the sanding head.

One of the other capabilities that will make you fall in love with this device is the unique adjustable head. Utilizing a removable head tip and innovative variable axis system, reaching those tricky corners is a walk in the park.

The manufacturer ships the device with some free accessories too, which is always a nice touch. In the box, you get 5 cable clips, 5 wet filters, a reusable fleece filter bag, an elbow joint, extension tube, crevice nozzle, floor nozzle, hose adapter, and a suction hose. This pack of accessories makes this the perfect choice for those who need a professional tool that is capable in every area.


  • Best drywall sander on the UK market.
  • Extremely Efficient
  • Perfect Ergonomics


  • Expensive

Best Drywall Sander For Confined Spaces – Vitrex Drywall Sander

Best Drywall Sander For Confined Spaces

Product number 5 on our list of the best drywall sanders comes from Vitrex, a massively respected manufacturer of commercial tools. This sander comes with a robust variable drive system that provides strong power and longevity. It also has an incredible dust collector. This is a sander that will last you a long time if you look after it.

The device features both an 8-hole internal dust extraction and a double-dust collection system. This allows you to work in a clean environment while keeping dust levels low and manageable. The well-designed head allows you to easily and quickly change the abrasive discs quickly, allowing for less down time.

If the already strong dust prevention system isn’t enough for your needs, this drywall sander also allows for vacuum attachment, giving it top-level extraction capabilities.

The reason that this sander is so popular is down to the ridiculously high-powered motor which provides a strong and efficient power delivery. The variable power settings give you constant control over the sander too, resulting in a perfect finish, every single time.

This product also comes with a telescopic reach system that gives it a 165cm full working length that is suitable for sanding ceilings and walls. Also, it features 110cm short reach setting which makes it perfect for accessing confined areas. Combined with the easy to dismantle brush segment and adjustable head, there isn’t an edge that you cant reach with this sander.


  • Top-Class dust extraction.
  • Easy to Use
  • One of the best drywall sanders for beginners.
  • Great dust collector.


  • Lacks features

Frequently Asked Questions

There are numerous brands of sanders exist on the market in the United Kingdom. For that reason, it is difficult to narrow down your choices without proper knowledge. Different styles of sander offer different disadvantages and benefits. However, most people know that the primary function of the drywall sander, which is to provide a perfect finish.

First things first you need to establish your own specific requirements in terms of your projects before you choose a sander. Some things to consider are:

What are the best brands to look at when it comes to drywall sanders for a contractor?

We like Menzer, Evolution and Tacklife.

What material would I like to sand? 

Although most sanders are suitable for most common materials, it is essential to check and confirm which sander is best for your particular finish.

What are the shapes and sizes of the material you want to sand? 

Every job is different and will require different tools. Certain drywall sander brands, for example, are better at sanding flat and large square objects. 

What is my exact requirement in terms of surface quality? 

Some sanders leave a rougher finish while some are designed for silky smooth finishing.

What sanding discs should I use?

Choosing the correct sanding discs will ensure that you get the best finish.

What is my budget?

 It is challenging to balance price and quality. When it comes to purchasing the best drywall sanders nowing your budget beforehand can make this much easier to work out. If you have a tighter budget, picking a sander that comes with all of the accessories you might need is a good idea.

What speed control do I need?

RPM control is massively important. All of the best drywall sanders will have RPM control. RPM control gives you utter control over the RPM that the powerful motor in your sanding machine moves.

Do I need a telescopic handle?

Using your tool for jobs that are far away can be a pain, especially if your dust house or vacuum cleaner will not reach the sanding pad.

Do I need a vacuum hose?

Walls can create a lot of dust when being sanded so make sure that you have the right tool for the job and the right dust hose for the price tag. A dust extraction bag is often good to pair with your sanding machine too.

What is the best sander to use on drywall?

After our research, we believe that the Menzer drywall sander is the best currently on the market.

Is a drywall sander worth it?

With a good drywall sander your work will speed up, you will also put less strain on your body.

Can I use an electric sander to sand drywall?

Yes, in fact, an electric sander is by far the most superior option.

Buyer’s Guide

Drywall sanding is a difficult task. Often workers will be using their drywall sanders for hours on end in order to get the finish they want. To make your life easier, manufacturers created the electric sander drywall sander. Now you have made the decision to make your life easier, figuring out which high quality sander and which sanding discs are best for you is the next step.

Here are the factors we look at when deciding which models to include on our reviews list. We look at all of the reviews and rigorously test our products through all variable speeds and on different walls and ceilings. We test the weight of the product, the strength of the vacuum hose and even how durable each electric drywall sander is. This means that every sander on this list has the potential to tackle a wide range of walls and ceilings and can be used by any type of worker. Make sure your team only uses the best tools with the best reviews backing them.

Dust Extraction Mechanism

Any worker that has done drywall sanding will know about the crazy amount of dust that can be created during sanding. Dust particles in the air are not only messy, but they are also hazardous to your health when inhaled. That means that choosing a tool that has a strong level of dust extraction or has the potential to connect extraction hose to a high powered vacuum cleaner is really important.

Some sanders come with powerless dust extraction systems like dust bags. These are great for collecting low-medium amounts of dust. For most users, this will be enough to ensure your safety and the cleanliness of your work area at a low weight.

If you are using your drywall sander commercially, you will probably need to look for a system with vacuum attachment capabilities. These systems are much more effective at sucking up the dust created from sanding tasks.


You are probably on the market for a drywall sander because you are tired of manual drywall sanding and want a much more effective solution. With a powered electric drywall sander, you can complete tasks in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods and for an attractive price.

Not all sanders are created equally, however. Figuring out how much you are going to use your sander and how tough the jobs you are going to undertake with it is crucial in figuring out how much you need to spend. The quality of the sanding disks that you use is also important, evolution power tools have high-quality sanding discs in every box that are ready for use.

If you are looking for a drywall sander for DIY purposes, the price is important and the budget-friendly options on this list are perfect. Evolution power tools are often the best for beginners, they are low weight and easy to use.

For those who need a commercial level sander, you will want to look at tools like the Menzer drywall sander. These are aimed and built for commercial scenarios and will hold up much better under long periods of use compared to the beginner’s tools like the offerings from evolution power tools.

Ease of Use/ Weight

If you have never used a wall sander before, picking a complicated model may leave you with a bit of a headache. The best dry wall sander is usually the easiest and most effective to use whilst still remaining a good price. The sanding machine should be a low weight and should have some great drywall sander reviews to back it up. This will help you reach all of the walls and ceilings you might face.

Each electric wall sander is different, some come ready to use straight from the box. A drywall sander like this is great for newcomers and advanced users alike, especially those who do not like to mess around assembling their tools. Th

For those models that do require assembly, finding ones that are simple to put together is a good idea. Often the assembly process is as simple as connecting two separate pieces, so don’t let self-assembly put you off a certain model, they are often really easy to set up.

An easy-to-use dry wall sander in the United Kingdom will also come with a good dust collection system. which is a must when it comes to drywall sanding. There could be variable speed, disks, and the sanding head should work well with other plastering tools.

A final nice touch could be an LED light that allows you to work in lower light conditions no matter what walls and ceilings you need to reach.

Customer Reviews

We also like to look at the customer reviews for the sanding machine. Often companies can be a little bit bold with their claims. Reviews tend to be more honest. If the reviews for a dry wall sander machine state that the dust bag on evolution power tools is poor quality or that the led light didn’t last long, we find out from thousands of customer reviews.



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